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Unfortunately, the stigma of cat flu is putting off a lot of people from adopting after seeing on the internet that cats could potentially be carriers and/or develop problems later in life. However, this is not always the case Hi Bec, My sister has a cat who has had cat flu. I have a cat I have adopted as a stray, (she comes to the back door and I feed her) she has this little habit of sneezing my sister would have loved to take her but cannot as her cat has had the cat flu and it is advised by her vet she lives alone, however if it turns out that my cat has ALSO had cat flu, would the cats then able to live. There is a cat on a rescue site that has captured my heart (as well as sounding like a great fit for my family). The only issue is his health - he c. Create an account to join the conversation. Have your say, get notified on what matters to you and see fewer ads. Register now. Join in Active discussions Register or sign in Tal Some cats have recurrent episodes of the flu, particularly during stressful times such as rehoming or going to a cattery. If you're thinking of adopting a cat with cat flu Make sure you review the clinical history of your new cat and ask for more details on how the cat flu was treated

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  1. hi Would it be unwise to take on a kitten that has already had cat flu? I was about to adopt a kitten from cats protection but it became ill before I got to take it home.It seems to be recovering now but I am having second thoughts about adopting her because I am worried about potential huge vets bills in the future!However I have become quite attached to her and would find it very difficult.
  2. The only way to stop your cat from contracting cat flu is to keep it away from other cats. The best way to do that is to keep them indoors. There is a vaccine out there that can help you protect your cat from the cat flu virus, but this vaccine alone won't stop your cat from getting the cat flu
  3. Cat flu is generally spread by direct contact between cats (through saliva, tears or nasal discharge), but it can also be spread indirectly, such as via food bowls, bedding, litter trays or human hands. It cannot be caught by humans or other animals. Affected cats can be severely debilitated
  4. Cat flu is seldom fatal in previously healthy cats. Infected cats will require intensive nursing and support. Kittens are more at risk from cat flu than adult cats. There is no cure for a viral infection however the cat can be kept as comfortable as possible by keeping it warm and treating the symptoms
  5. Once a cat is exposed to the cat flu virus, it normally takes up permanent residence. However, once the initial infection stage is over, cat flu symptoms normally only appear (again like a cold sore) when the cat is run down, stressed or has immune system dysfunctions. What Cat Flu Can Look Like - This kitten is quite badly affected

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At RSPCA NSW shelters, every cat-choo cat and kitten has been assessed by a veterinarian, so many of them are able to be adopted. Because cat flu is only transmissible between cats, RSPCA NSW requires for your new cat-choo cat be rehomed alone, or with another cat-choo cat. That way, cat flu won't be passed on Before adopting a new cat as well, it is critical that your cat is tested for these feline diseases. In short, feline herpes virus would not kill or injury the Persian cat or any other cat you bring into your home, but FeLV or FIV could and likely would Our cat turned up on our doorstep just under two years ago so we have no information about her past health. She has a discharge from one eye on and off which our vet reckons could be due to having cat flu as a kitten. She doesn't need any treatment for it other giving the fur below her eye a wipe with a damp face cloth

Cat flu, just like its pesky human equivalent, is very contagious. Sneezes from infected cats can project the virus metres, so direct contact isn't always necessary for another cat to become infected. To help prevent contraction make sure that your cat's bedding, bowls, and litter tray are cleaned regularly Adopting an FIV positive cat A healthy FIV positive cat can live for many years, and indeed can often outlive non-infected cats, but please be aware that this is not always the case. Due to their impaired immune system, the cat may succumb to illness earlier, and not reach their normal life expectancy Whether you're carefully planning your adoption, or you suddenly find yourself with a new kitten or cat, here is a cat adoption checklist of the most important things you will need for your new kitty. 1. Veterinarian / Exam and Vaccinations. First on our cat adoption checklist: shots for your new kitten are super important even if you plan.

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  1. The rescue I got the cat from made no mention of cat flu, even after I asked numerous times about his sneezing affecting my other cat. Are you even sure they were aware it had a specific illness ? As I told you before, cat flu is a tossed around term that only describes a range of symptoms
  2. Measures should be taken to protect the cat from infections. Regular vaccination to protect against illnesses such as cat flu is a good idea, although you will need to discuss with your vet whether a particular version of the vaccine is needed. Furthermore, there is some evidence that repeated vaccination can speed up the development of symptoms
  3. Affected cats have puffy faces and paws, fever, jaundice and haemorrhage in addition to signs of respiratory disease. The viruses are the main causes of cat 'flu but there are other infectious agents which may cause similar signs. Bordetella bronchiseptica is one such bacterium which is known to cause cat 'flu
  4. Vaccines for feline herpes virus (FHV-1) and feline calicivirus (FCV) are always combined, as these two viruses together are the main causes of upper respiratory tract infections in cats (cat flu). Affected cats typically show sneezing, nasal discharge, conjunctivitis, eye discharge, and mouth ulcers
  5. Nearly every cat is exposed to the herpes virus as a kitten. Because of this, most cats carry the herpes virus. In the majority of cats, an infection or flareup of herpes virus results in nothing more than coldlike symptoms, though it can cause serious illness in some instances
  6. The main thing for the owner of a cat with Feline Herpes Virus is understanding the condition fully. They need to know the signs of flare ups, how their cat reacts to flare ups and how the good cleanliness of the cats area can help control the virus. Being responsible with regard to other cats in the area is also a big part of owning a cat with.

Core vaccines are those that all unvaccinated cats and cats with an unknown vaccination history should receive to protect them against key diseases including enteritis (feline panleukopaenia, a parvovirus) and cat flu (feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus). This vaccination combination is commonly known as the F3 vaccination (I have worked at vet clinics since 1988, have always had personal pets, and am also involved in TNR & cat rescue & adoptions. Reply. Donna DelCheccolo. August 1, 2019 at 10:00 am Code of Ethics . Terms . All persons applying for any type of membership as outlined in the Australian National cats Inc constitution shall agree to be bound by this Code of Ethics relating to responsible cat ownership including the maintaining, keeping, welfare, breeding, exhibiting, marketing, selling and disposing of cats to the effect of the terms and conditions set out hereunder A cat can catch cat flu from another sick cat (when it sneezes or drools the virus ca be spread), or even from a cat showing no symptoms at all but who is a carrier of the virus. It can easily be spread by contact with infected feeding bowls, bedding, toys, and even people's clothing after being in contact a cat with flu

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Opening Times Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:30pm Saturday closed. 01283 704768. 41 Beech Ave, Willington Derby DE65 6D Feline influenza is fairly straightforward to identify, and is rarely confused with other similar conditions. Cats affected with feline influenza will display some or all of the following symptoms: Sneezing. Noisy, raspy or congested-sounding breathing. A runny nose and eyes. Cough, or a sore throat that is evident due to raspy meows Cat flu is a common and highly contagious disease in unvaccinated cats of all ages. It tends to be particularly severe in kittens. The two viruses associated with cat flu are Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV). Unlike most bacterial infections, viruses are very difficult to treat and specific anti-viral treatments. When I volunteered at the RSPCA we had cat flu cats for adoption. They were perfectly fine to rehome so long as they were only cats or rehomed with other cats that had it. 50. Share. Report Save. level 2. Stuck on the 3. Original Poster 2 years ago · edited 2 years ago Chronic Cat Flu - A Case Study: Cat Flu is a common feline viral disease that involves the respiratory system. Depending on the particular virus, it affects the eyes, nose, mouth and breathing system. Once a cat has contracted an infectious Upper Respiratory Virus, it can go on to become a carrier

Ensure the cat's movement is restricted, ideally with another person to hold the cat firmly by the front legs. Carefully lift the cat's tail so that you are able to insert the tip of the thermometer in their rectum. When you notice the digital thermometer stops counting and reaches a steady temperature, remove it and note the amount in degrees Adopting a cat in a dream indicates that you will soon communicate and exchange ideas with others. It can also suggest hidden wisdom. There are many fairy tales in folklore surrounding cats. We only need to look at the famous tale of puss in boots and also the fairy book the colony of cats There has been much mythical symbolism of cats which.

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Chlorpheniramine for cats is an antihistamine medicine that veterinarians primarily prescribe to help alleviate the symptoms of a range of allergies. It's the generic name for a medicine that's also sold under the brand names Aller-chlor, Chlor-Trimeton and Chlor-tabs These such breathing problems can be accompanied by coughing, hypersalivation, vomiting, retching, gasping, cyanosis, etc. A cat that is struggling to breathe may also adopt a characteristic posture with its neck extended. Other causes of tachypnea in cats include: Heatstroke. Feline asthma. Pneumonia. Heart diseases, including filariasis. Tumors

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  1. Cat flu is a common and highly contagious disease in unvaccinated cats of all ages. It tends to be particularly severe in kittens. Signs of cat flu are similar to those for colds and flu in people. It can cause inflamed and runny eyes, discharge from the nose, sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite and sometimes mouth ulcers
  2. Before buying or adopting a pet cat, make sure a cat is the right type of pet for your family. Cats can sometimes carry germs that can make people sick , even when they appear clean and healthy. Visit your veterinarian for routine care to keep your cat healthy and to prevent infectious diseases
  3. The herpes cat virus causes flu-like symptoms. It's only contagious to other domestic cats, but there's no cure. If your cat contracts feline herpes virus, the most you can do is try to relieve the symptoms and lessen the severity of the outbreak. Here's what you need to know about feline herpes
  4. What happens if my cat is a rescue cat? If you adopt a cat from a charity, they are often vaccinated before you take them home. Always check with the charity and ask for the vaccination documentation. If you do not an up to date vaccination card we recommend re-starting with a full vaccination schedule
  5. Upper respiratory infections are quite common in cats. Just like people, cats can come in contact with highly contagious viruses that result in cold and flu like symptoms. A congested cat's symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, runny eyes and, in some cases, labored breathing

Feline herpes, also known as FVR (feline viral rhinopneumonitis) and FHV-1 (feline herpesvirus type 1), is an infectious disease known to affect only cats, domestic and wild. The virus is a major. Cat Flu is the common name given to a group of viruses, which affect the upper respiratory tract in cats. Healthy cats are normally able to cope with the illness and it is not usually fatal, but it can be much nastier and dangerous to kittens and cats with a weaken immune system Vaccinating your cat. Just as in humans, vaccinating your cat helps to protect him or her against several serious and/or life-threatening diseases. Anyone who cares for his or her cat will want to protect it in this way and vaccination is a critical part of a proper preventive healthcare programme. A vaccine is usually given by an injection. Introducing Cats to Cats. Some people say cats are like chips — you can't have just one! As one of the 85 million 1 cat owners out there, you may be considering adding a new feline friend to your home. Whether your current cat is lonely, her companion cat recently passed away or you simply love cats, it is important to take a few precautions to ensure that your cat-to-cat introductions go. Choosing to adopt a cat or kitten is an exciting time. However, there are many things to consider before adopting a pet to help ensure you're able to properly provide the right care and attention to your cat or kitten. The adoption process. Matching the right people to the right cat is important to us at RSPCA, that's why we have an adoption.

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Cat flu is a common disease in unvaccinated cats, easily spread from one feline friend to another, so it was important we acted quickly. We administered antibiotic ointment twice a day for seven days, then sent her into medical foster care with Jill FIV (short for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) cats desperately need loving people to adopt them. Adopting an FIV cat is the ultimate marker of rescue cred, as FIV is a stigma that can make people overlook these special cats. Tell your friends why you adopted an FIV kitty, and they'll understand your commitment to the cause of homeless kitties

CATNIP UTOPIA. At catniputopia,com Our Catnip is proven to be by our delighted customers a pure and strong herb. We are a Retail supplier and also provide a Wholesale service to our customers who may be or wishing to make their own catnip Toy's (Contact us for further details) We hope you enjoy looking around our website as useful Articles are. Cats. Rabbits. Horses. Birds. Small And Furry Pets. Shelters & Rescues. Open Submenu. Find an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group. Starting A Pet-Adoption Organization Yes, you can theoretically catch a disease from touching a stray cat. However - and this is a big however - such cases are extremely rare. Merely coming in contact with a cat doesn't put you at undue risk of catching a disease. If you get scratched, bitten or licked, that is an entirely different matter altogether Kittens and shelter cat's are at high risk. Upper respiratory infections most common in cats who regularly have contact with other cats where cats are housed together in places such as shelters. Unvaccinated cats, cats that are under stress, and cats that are immunosuppressed because of conditions such as feline leukemia virus (FeLV) or feline. Cat flu is transferred in infected discharge from the eyes and nose. It is very contagious and can be contracted by either direct contact between cats or via infected food bowls or bedding. Pure breed and shelter cats are more likely to experience cat flu as they have a higher likelihood of exposure

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Cat flu is a treatable illness, and after a course of antibiotics most cats recover perfectly. Unfortunately for Sparrow, she had not received the veterinary treatment she needed in time for her illness, and sadly as a result her right eye was so badly damaged, it had to be removed. Adopting a kitten in need is one of the best things we. Make a PAW PACT with one of our beautiful cats currently awaiting adoption. For more than 10 years CatRescue has been saving beautiful kittens and cats from the streets and death row pounds. Our cats are cared for by our network of trained foster carers in their homes. Thi

Adopting a cat. Most affectionate breeds. Top 10 white cat names. The best black cat names. See all cat articles . Find your dog. Find your cat. Dog products. dog. Dog food by type. Cat Flu: Symptoms, Treatment and Long-term Effects. Cat Illness Symptoms. 6 min read. Kidney Problems in Cats: Causes and Treatments A cat with severe cat flu. Cat Flu is a general term for Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivrus infection which affects the upper respiratory tract of cats. Transmission. Cat flu is highly contagious and can spread rapidly among cats 10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained. The Costs of Responsible Cat Ownership. How to Keep Your House Clean With Indoor Pets. 5 Pawsitively Fascinating Facts About Black Cats. Neurological Disorders in Cats. Kitten Development in the First Six Weeks of Life. 8 Things Your Cat Loves. How to Have a Cat if You Have Cat Allergies Safety around cats. Seasonal. Training and games. Travel. Advice category Behaviour Bereavement Dangers Essentials General knowledge Getting a cat Getting a dog Getting a pet Health How to Kitten Older cat Safety around cats Seasonal Training and games Travel. Advice sub category Cat flu symptoms are similar to those of human flu, but cat flu can only be caught by cats. A big difference with cat flu is that some cats end up carrying it for life, and it can even be fatal in kittens. You can read more about the symptoms and treatment of cat flu on our Pet Health Hub

Squamous cell carcinoma of the ear, eyelid or nose is a skin cancer caused by repeated exposure to the sun. White, or light colored, cats are more susceptible to squamous cell carcinoma. Lymphosarcoma or lymphoma (LSA), is one of the most common type of cancer in cats.Some reports estimate that 30% of all reported cat cancers are due to LSA French Youtuber Norman loves cats, every kind of cat... or at least his cat Sergi. In this video blog, he describes the joys and annoyances associated with cat ownership, from training cats to the alarm clock cat function. This blogger uses lots of idiomatic language while maintaining excellent diction and is a great way to get used to faster-paced videos

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Phase 2 - Cat Continues to Smell Cat. Let the sniffing continue. If there are no marked signs of aggression from the cats, such as hissing and growling, the next step is to confine your resident cat to a room and let the new cat explore your house for a couple of hours each day for several days. Phase 3 - Cat Sees Cat. Organize a carrier. Cat flu can remain in the environment for up to seven days and separating your cat from other cat-choo cats is the best form of prevention. Cat-Choo Diego is waiting for his forever home RSPCA NSW has a number of cat-choo cats looking for their forever homes, so if you're looking for a furry heater to cuddle up with this winter, visit www.

Fluids. Fluids must be given carefully. In some cases, drinking water may cause a cat with an upset stomach to vomit, further dehydrating him. Giving the cat ice chips to lick may help. Unflavored Pedialyte can be given via dropper very slowly to cats that are at risk of becoming dehydrated However, if you adopted a cat from an ACC shelter and you develop flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, shortness of breath or conjunctivitis (red eyes) within three weeks of adopting the cat, please contact your health provider Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch, Barking And Dagenham, United Kingdom. 1,350 likes · 5 talking about this · 1 was here. Hello, welcome to our page. We rehome cats and kittens in Essex..

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  1. The cat (Felis catus) is a domestic species of small carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and is often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from the wild members of the family. A cat can either be a house cat, a farm cat or a feral cat; the latter ranges freely and avoids human contact. Domestic cats are valued by humans for companionship.
  2. I do have a medium length coat which I do take care quite well, but I will need weekly brushing to make sure it stays knot free. This is a great time for us to bond and build our relationship. I have had cat flu which is like the common cold in humans. This means I will need to be the only cat in the home and live my life indoors only
  3. Check the Health of the kitten or cat It can be difficult for the average person to check if a cat or kitten is healthy or not, so if you decide to adopt or buy the kitten, make sure that the seller agrees that you can return them within 48 hours for a full refund after taking the cat or kitten to a Vet of your choice for a health check
  4. ADOPT ME Name: Tully Breed: DLH DOB: 5yrs Sex: Male Medical Notes: Cat Flu & Allergies Behaviour Notes: nil Dog Friendly: no Cat Friendly: selective Child Friendly: yes Litter Trained: yes..
  5. A rescue #cat in #LakeOswego, #Oregon, likely saved her entire family from a dangerous situation on February 12. Lilly and her owner Sandi Martin were playing together on their living room floor when the feline stopped to sniff a valve on the fireplace, KGW 8 reported
  6. Rescue Catteries and Cat Flu. Cat flu can be a serious problem where a group of cats is kept together, particularly if new cats are regularly introduced. Preventing cat flu in a group of cats is quite complex and consultation with a vet is essential

As soon as you adopt a kitten, you should have her seen by a vet. It is important to stay on track with wellness visits and vaccines, and to bring a stool sample to every checkup. Spend time with your cat every day and learn her routine. If you don't truly know your cat's normal it will be harder to know when something is wrong To date there are no super viruses involving strains of either human flu or canine flu that affect cats. There have been several cases of H7N2 (bird flu) that were isolated from cats in shelters which then transmitted to a human. So, can I give my cat the flu? The answer is: Technically, yes, but the likelihood is very, very low

Cat Forums Cat Rescue and Adoption. Cat flu! Discussion in 'Cat Rescue and Adoption' started by FATZY13, Jul 3, 2018. FATZY13 PetForums Newbie. Joined: Jul 3, 2018 Messages: 22 Hey, I have written an article about Cat Flu, which I am sure could clarify a few things for you, as it talks about vaccination, how the disease spreads, etc Your little cat keeps sneezing. You are concerned she may have cat flu. At first it was a couple of times a day, but persisted, and now she is sneezing all the time. You are concerned that this is a sign of some more serious affliction. However, you love your pet, and hate to see her prodded, groped and shot at the hands of a veterinarian Medical Treatments for H1N1 and Coryza. Unfortunately, medical treatments for this type of cat flu are limited. If your cat comes down with a secondary bacterial infection, your vet will treat this with antibiotics. If the cat is dehydrated, the vet may administer fluid therapy to help bring more fluids into the body Cat flu can be incredibly debilitating for cats leaving them very poorly, and in some cases they do not manage to pull through. Cats with flu have to be isolated from other cats in our rescue centres which also puts more pressure on centres to find space for these poorly cats when they are already bursting with cats and kittens 6. Don't Make Behavior Assumptions. It's a common misconception that cats are simply little dogs.. If you decide to adopt a cat, it's critical to learn about the unique behaviors and needs of your new pet, from training to socialization to enrichment. The biggest mistake we see is people treating cats like dogs, says Dr. Fulcher

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  1. Ataxia in cats: causes. The most common causes of ataxia in cats include: A lesion in one of the three aforementioned systems (vestibular, sensory and cerebellum), such as cerebellar hypoplasia cat. Nervous system conditions. Extreme weakness caused by other problems such as starvation, anemia, etc. Muscle problems
  2. Cats have been known to contract non-feline influenza viruses, including avian flu (H5N1), and earlier this month a case of swine flu (H1N1) was diagnosed in a cat. Cross-species viral infections are rare, but can occur. There is no evidence that cats can infect humans with either influenza virus. Treatmen
  3. After suffering from cat flu and having their eyes removed, they are now looking for an experienced owner, with a quiet home to help them adjust to their new surroundings and life outside of care. If you are interested in adopting the playful pair please email bridgend@cats.org.uk. .
  4. Purebred/pedigree kittens are at greater risk of developing the fatal disease feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) than are kittens from other sources. Before choosing a purebred kitten, there are certain signs buyers can look out for to avoid obtaining a pedigree kitten who will die shortly after purchase. Such signs include uneven litter size and diarrhoea
  5. I have recovered from cat flu. It is similar to what a cold looks like in humans but it is a cat-only strain, so you don't have to worry about me making you sick. While I have recovered, I will always have it in my system and under times of stress I can show symptoms again
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3. The cat was not healthy at the time of vaccination - 'stress' can prevent a good response to vaccination. For this reason your vet will give your cat a physical examination before a vaccination is given. 4. The cat may also be pre-infected with the 'cat flu' virus and incubating the disease Cat flu signs include sneezing, nasal and eye discharge, conjunctivitis, and mouth ulcers. Clinical signs vary from mild to extremely severe, and occasionally other complications may develop such as pneumonia. or if you want to adopt a cat from overseas, they will need to be vaccinated against rabies for their pet passport. There are. The internet also revealed a lot more about cat care in the 21st century. I grew up in a house with three cats, and I recall mainly purring, mewing, cuddles and the odd scratch STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. - People hoping to adopt a cat from a city shelter for Christmas or Hanukkah were disappointed after a breakout of bird flu sickened 125 shelter felines, and adoptions were. Diarrhoea. Vomiting. Large bald patches or sores on the coat caused by over grooming. Runny nose and eyes (e.g. cat 'flu') Symptoms get worse in cats with chronic health conditions or recovery from illness is slow (stress can affect a cat's immune system and ability to fight disease