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  1. Yes you can, just put the Copy My Data app on both phones, connect to wifi and follow the instructions. Nice and easy :-
  2. You'll select a language, cellular or wireless network, then choose what apps and data to transfer. Once you land on the screen to transfer content, choose Move Data from Android and fire up the..
  3. Here's how to transfer Android to iOS with the help of Move to iOS. Step 1: Install the app to transfer data from Android to iPhone. Go to the store to download the Move to iOS at first. Then, open the new iPhone, follow the instructions step by step to enter the App & Data window and click on the Move Data from Android option
  4. Part 1: General Methods When Move to iOS Not Working Method 1: Check The Network Connection on Both Devices. The first thing you should do is to make sure that both devices... Method 2: Restart Both iOS & Android Devices. Simply turning a device off can commonly fix this type of problems. Go....
  5. This will make the Android ready to connect with any new Wi-Fi network. The iPhone will search for nearby Android device running the Move to iOS app and generate a security code. Once you enter the security code on Android it will begin transferring the content you have selected on to the new iPhone
  6. Here is a step by step guide on how to use the app. Before completing the set-up of the new iPhone, click on Apps & Data and on Move Data from Android. Download the Move to iOS app from Google Play and run the app. Click on Continue on both the Android device and iPhone. Also tap on Agree and on Next

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Launch AnyTrans on your computer > Connect both your Android phone and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch the computer > Click Phone Switcher on the left side. Choose Phone to iPhone on Phone Switcher Step 2. Choose the source and target device > Click the Next button to continue Text expander can be used from the keyboard settings. Double click the upper case arrow to set caps lock. While typing if you holh spacebar and move , you can move the cursor anywhere. Enable double tap on back in settings and use it anything(preferably control centre) Long Press in Safari/Edge to select test. Double tap in other apple apps to select tex Method 1. How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone Using iOS Transfer Tool. Supported formats: MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, RM, MKV, AVI, FLV. The fact that iTunes will cause data loss on the iOS device is the main reason why so many users want to transfer videos to iPhone without iTunes The Move to iOS app securely transfers all kinds of content for you: When you choose to migrate your data, your new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will create a private Wi-Fi network and find your nearby Android device running Move to iOS. After you enter a security code, it will begin transferring your content and put it in the right places

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Use your device's file browser 2 to find the Move to iOS installer with filename ending in .apk. On many devices, you'll find this .apk file in a downloads folder. Tap the file to install it. If an alert states that you need to change your security settings to enable installs from unknown sources, follow the on-screen steps Begin iPhone Life Easily with All Your Memories You don't have to abandon your messages, contacts, photos or other valued data when moving from Android phone to iPhone. AnyTrans lets you take all memories along. It migrates much more types of data than anyone else could, and also allows you to transfer specific items you want only The easiest way to move from Android to an iPhone is to use Apple's Move to iOS app listed on the Google Play Store. This app will transfer your contacts, message history, photos, videos, web..

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  1. Set up your iPhone or iPad until you reach the screen titled Apps & Data. Tap the Move Data from Android option. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store and search for Move to iOS. Open the Move to iOS app listing
  2. To use the Move to iOS app, install it on your Android phone via the Google Play store. Then set up your iPhone until you reach the Apps and Data section. Tap on Move Data from Android
  3. I've already completed the setup process for my iPhone and I want to transfer data from my nexus to my iPhone how can I use move to iOS if I have already finished this process? 10-17-2015 12:27 PM. Like 0. 55,922. Just_Me_D. Ambassador Team Leader Senior Moderator. Unless I'm mistaken, it's only a part of the setup process, but I've never used.
  4. After that, follow these steps to fix Move to iOS app: Go to the WiFi settings in the Android phone. Choose the temporary Wi-Fi created by the iOS device. It will look like something like iOS.
  5. Step 3: Open the 'Move to iOS' app to accept permission requests, install it, and open the app. Step 4: At this point, tap Continue on both your iOS and Android device. Step 5: On your Android device, enter the 12-digit code of the iPhone. This is so that the 'Move to iOS' app knows which iOS device it has to transfer the data to

Step 1: Download the Move to iOS Android app. Download the Move to iOS app, which works on tablets and smartphones running Android 4.0 and above. The first real clue that the Android app is. How to use Move to iOS. The Move to iOS app requires the iPhone to be at a specific stage of the initial setup process, and cannot be used once the iPhone has been set up

MobileTrans - Copy Data to iOS is an Android app that can help you to transfer data from Android to iOS devices without any data loss. * Requires Android 4.0 or later. * Supports 8 kinds of data type including contacts, photos, videos, music, calendar, and more. * Please prepare an OTG cable beforehand, see our recommendations on Amazon. × How to use device-to-device migration Turn on your new device and place it near your current device that's using iOS 12.4 or later or iPadOS 13.4. The Quick Start screen appears on your current device and offers the option of using your Apple ID to set up your new device. Make sure that it's the Apple ID that you want to use, then tap Continue A few years back, Apple released the Move to iOS app to make it easier for users to transfer their data from an old Android to a new iPhone. If your phone runs on Android 4.3 or a later version, then you can simply use the Move to iOS app for free. It can transfer your messages, Camera Roll data, contacts, bookmarks, and the Google account data Begin the Xmodem or Xmodem-1K transfer now... CCC ; before the 3 CCC appear quick right click on the hyperterminal window and choose Transfer > Send File. Choose the Xmodem protocol in the Send File dialog box and click Browse in order to select the Cisco IOS image (.bin file) that you selected previously. Click Send in order to begin the. Method 1: Transfer contacts from Android during iPhone setup with Move to iOS The first port of call when switching to an iPhone is to use Apple's own app Move to iOS. This free app is great for transferring your Android content to a new iPhone, but there lies its biggest drawback too - this method can only be used when setting up a brand.

Use an app: Download the Move to iOS app at the Google Play Store and use it to transfer your contacts. Use the Android SIM card: On Android, open Contacts. Tap Settings > Import/Export > Export > SIM card. Put the SIM card in your iPhone. Use Google: Back up Contacts to Google. Add the Google app to the iPhone. Move the Contacts slider to On Download and install Move to iOS app to your Android device. How to Use Move to iOS to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 7/7 Plus Step 1. Set up Your New iPhone or iPad. On your new iPhone or iPad, begin the normal setup process until you reach the screen titled Apps & Data. From here select the Move Data from Android option. Step 2

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If you have been using your iOS device for a while, then you must already be familiar with iTunes. Developed by Apple, it is a freely available solution to manage an iOS device. It can help you sync your music, photos, contacts, and different kinds of other data files. Similarly, iTunes can also be used to transfer videos from PC to iPhone Step 1. Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to computer. Connect the iOS device to computer using a lightening cable. If you see a Trust This Computer alert on your iDevice, tap Trust. Step 2. Import music/video/photos from computer to iOS. Once your device is connected, go to Music/ Video/ Photos tab at the top of Dr.Fone With the upcoming Move to iOS app, it's about to get even easier, and we'll have more on that when it becomes available. Tags: iOS, iOS 9, Android. 8 comments. Top Rated Comments

Apple Support Team officially suggests users to use the App - Move to iOS to transfer data from Android to iOS device. It's free and easy to use. It's free and easy to use. In addition to text messages, you also can use it to transfer contacts, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, and some free apps Move to iOS will transfer your Android device's contacts, Gmail, photos, and other data in a few relatively simple steps. It works on any Android device running 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or. Moving your photos, contacts, calendars, and accounts from your old Android phone or tablet to your new iPhone or iPad is easier than ever with Apple's Move to iOS app. Apple's first Android app, it hooks your old Android and new Apple device together over a direct Wi-Fi connection and transfers over all your data On your Android tablet, open the Move to iOS app and tap Continue. Read the terms and conditions that appear. Tap Agree to continue, then tap Next in the top-right corner of the Find Your Code screen. Step 3.On your iOS device, tap Continue on the screen called Move from Android. Then wait for a ten-digit code to appear Step 3. Download Move to iOS on Android. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store and install the Move to iOS app. Make sure you use the Apple version of this app, as there are also a handful of imitations on the Play Store.. If you can't access the Google Play Store on your Android phone, download Move to iOS directly from Apple's website instead

Move To iOS. If you want to move data from Android to iPhone, this is your answer to how to clone a phone. To get started, download the Move to iOS app on your Android phone from the Play Store WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business backup, restore, export and transfer for Android and iOS devices are all supported within one program. You can transfer WhatsApp from Android to new iPhone directly with few clicks. It supports all Android and iOS devices, including the latest Galaxy S20, iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 mini, etc. It is very easy to use and 100%. Install the Move to iOS app on your Android device. Open the app, follow instructions, and select what you want to migrate. Select Next. Your new iPhone will create a private Wi-Fi network. So don't even bother trying to use a WhatsApp backup to move data from Android to iOS, it won't work. Whatsapp doesn't have its own cloud service, but relies instead on the default backup service of the OS it's running on - Drive on Android and iCloud on iOS. Given the proprietary nature of these two technologies, users can't. Phone Transfer is an easy-to-use solution for every iOS user to move files between their iOS device and a computer. With the help of this, one can send and receive music files, photos, videos, text messages, contacts, calendar, notes, call history, and apps between smartphones and from a smartphone to a computer

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone using Move to iOS app Download Move to iOS app from the Google Play store on your Android phone. Open the app and tap on Continue Move to iOS Transfer Complete Select Done on the Android device to close the app. Select Continue Setting Up iPhone on the iPhone, and proceed through the remainder of the setup process. After completing the iPhone setup, it will also show a pop-up asking if the user wants to Add your Android Device Apps from the App Store Transfer data from phone to phone: Just select the data that you want to share from one phone to another phone, and click the Export to Device button to start the syncing. Add files from PC to phone: Firstly, you need to enable the target device to show in the device list, and then find the data type that you want to add. Click the Add File. To transfer MP3 to your iPhone without using iTunes, the easiest way for you is to use the iOS data transfer tool - EaseUS MobiMover. This tool can do many more things for you than enriching your iPhone music library. With it, you are able to: Transfer files to iPhone/iPad from a computer (Mac/PC/laptop Use the Joystick feature to move around the map and show that you are actually in the area. The Pokémon app will be easily fooled by this. Use this app to look like you are riding a bus, running or walking across the map

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Here's how to use Move to iOS app to sync Samsung android contacts to iPhone. Set up the new iPhone until arrive at the Apps & Data screen. Tap Move Data from Android. Download Move to iOS app from Play Store and install on the Samsung device. Open the app and tap Continue > Agree > Next Method 1: Use Move to iOS. If you wish to learn how to transfer data to new iPhone from an Android, then the Move to iOS app can also be used. The application is developed by Apple for Android devices, letting us switch from Android to iOS without any data loss. While the solution is available for free, it can be a bit complicated to implement When the transfer is done, you will get the videos in the target folder you specified. That is how to move a video from PC to iPhone by using iOS Transfer. The Bottom Line. Above, we introduced how to transfer videos from computer to iPhone camera roll and how to use iOS Transfer to copy videos from computer to iPhone directly. As can be seen. Not only can it be used to transfer photos from Camera Roll, items from other sources like Photo Library, Screenshots and other albums can also be dealt with. Back up and restore various files between iPhone/iPad/iPod and iTunes. Manage iDevice data on computer as per your needs. Simple interface, easy to use, and lossless transfer The easiest way to transfer your data from your old phone to your new one is using Smart Switch. There are three easy methods to transfer your data: via Wi-Fi, using a USB cable or using a PC or Mac. You can find Smart Switch on your Samsung phone by going to: Settings > Cloud and accounts > Smart Switc

To migrate your contacts, calendar, photos, and videos, we'll use Google Drive. It'll help you back up everything to Google services from the iPhone, which you can then seamlessly use on Android Select Move Data from Android. On your Samsung Galaxy, open the Move to iOS app. Hit on the Continue button on both your devices. Follow the on-screen prompts to go through the terms and conditions, tap Agree and Next to go on. After that, a code will show on your iPhone screen. Type it on your Samsung Galaxy Many mobile apps are cloud-based and dual-compatible, so you can start using them on Android without disruption; in other cases, you'll need to actively transfer data over. Switching from iOS to. How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer Using Email . You can use the email app of your choice on your phone to send pictures to your computer. This eliminates the need for wires and adapters. However, this method only works when transferring one or two photos

Phone Transfer Transfer files among iOS, Android and Windows PC. Transfer and backup text messages, contacts, photos, video, music on computer easily. Fully compatible with iOS 13 and Android 9.0. Free Download. Part 4: Summary. We have just learned how to move music to iCloud storage using 3 different methods. It's up to you which method you. Transfer SMS to a brand-new iPhone with Move to iOS If you are looking for a way to transfer your Android messages into the iPhone Messages app, this is your best bet. This is the method you'll need to use if you want to open your iPhone Messages app and see all the messages you sent and received on your old Android device I have tried to use various support methods but I don't have a solution yet. For easy understanding, I am having issues that relate to how to transfer photos from iPhone to USB. I would like to import photos from my iPhone iOS 14 to mac without deleting them; I would also like to transfer them to a USB

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The first thing that you need to do after downloading and installing the FoneDog iOS Data Backup and Restore is to launch it on your computer. And then, go ahead and have your iPhone device plugin to your computer using its USB cable. Step 2: Choose Data Backup. Then, on the main page of the program, go ahead and select on iOS Data Backup option To be honest, only Bluetooth won't get things done. But it's true that Bluetooth is needed in some ways to transfer apps to new iPhone, like using Quick Start. Quick Start is a feature that is first released in iOS 11 to help iPhone users to set up the device much easier using another iOS device nearby

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How to use Maps in iOS 9. The Maps app has been given a huge boost with iOS 9, finally bringing public transit routes that allows you to check the timetables for buses, trains and more SHAREit is one of the fastest cross-platform apps that enable users to transfer files, music included, between various devices. It is designed for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC and boasts being 200 times faster than Bluetooth technology. To migrate your music from your iOS to your Android phone with SHAREit, here is what you need to do

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Step 1: During the initial iOS setup process, choose Move Data from Android. Step 2: Download the Move to iOS app on your Android phone. You can get the app by following this link.. Step 3: Launch the Move to iOS app on your Android phone, and tap Continue. Step 4: Tap Continue on your iPhone and you should see a 10-digit numerical code. Step 5: Enter the code on your Android device to allow. To move Contact Cards from Android to an iOS device Using the Move to iOS app; Environment. Android 4.0 and higher; iOS 9.3 and higher; Move to iOS app; Procedure. While setting up the new iOS device, look for the Apps & Data screen. From that screen, tap Move Data from Android; From the Android device, open up your Google Play Stor Method 2: How to Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS App. Apple released an app called Move to iOS in 2016, which is far behind TunesBro PhoneTrans. The main purpose of the app is to help people switching to iPhone more comfortably. It is free and recommended by mainstream media sources Way 3: Transfer Files from PC to iPhone with iCloud Drive. iCloud is a cloud storage service online offered by Apple and it's a part of iCloud. You can use iCloud Drive to store all kinds of your data and access them on other devices (your computer or other iOS devices). So you can transfer files form PC to iPhone by turning on iCloud Drive Set up your new iPhone until you reach the Apps & Data screen. Tap Move Data from Android from the options. Download & install Move to iOS on Samsung and run it. Tap Continue, and tap Agree and then Next on the Android phone. On your iPhone tap Continue on the screen and wait for a code to appear. Enter the code displayed on the iPhone to.

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1) When I select the image, its navigating to another view without move and scaling screen but the image is now displayed in the ImageDetailsViewController when it navigates. 2) When I again navigate back and pick another image, now it shows the move and scaling screen The best free method for transferring data to your new iPhone is via Quick Start, Apple's own iPhone-to-iPhone transfer system. To use it, your current iPhone must run iOS 12.4 or later and have. This is the more difficult and most important step to moving your iOS backups to an external hard drive. If you don't perform this step, your computer won't back up your iPhone or iPad anymore. You'll have to manually move the folders back to your Mac instead. In this step, you'll create a symlink — or symbolic link With iOS 15, Safari is getting a tab groups add-on that takes the tab management experience to the next level. Here's how to use tab groups in Safari for iPhone and iPad. Before we show you how to use tab groups in Safari for iPhone and iPad, let's first understand what tab groups in Safari is and how it differs from the competition

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Afterward, you can transfer the downloaded songs from computer to your iPhone to add music to your device, using software like EaseUS MobiMover. Although not straightforward, it's a proven way to download music to your iPhone. To download music from YouTube, you can use online tools like Keepvid. Here is how to use it: Step 1 One option open to you is to use a third-party health app. For basic body measurements such as weight and blood pressure and the like, Nokia's Health Mate is a good one that works on both iOS and. But it only works on iOS 7 to iOS 14 and is a bit complicated to use. If you are using an iPhone with iOS 6 and earlier versions, you can refer to the method in Part 1. Follow these steps to customize your own ringtone: 1. Install the GarageBand from the App Store on your iPhone and launch it. 2 Use 3uTools to migrate SMS, call logs, photos, music, ringtones, contacts, memos, apps, and applications from an Android or iOS device to another mobile device. Note: Call log and SMS transfer only support Android Device; memo and ringtone transfer only support iOS devices. Transfer data from iOS device to iOS devic From macOS or iOS: Open Finder or the Files app, locate the file and select Share > AirDrop. Then follow the on-screen instructions. From Windows: Open the file manager, right-click the file and choose Send to > Bluetooth device. Then select the device to share to. Use Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer files like photos to and from your mobile.

Method 1: Use Move to iOS App. One of the easiest ways to move contacts (and other data such as messages, apps, etc.) from any Android phone to iPhone is using the 'Move to iOS' service.This. iOS 15: How to use the radically new Safari browser. Apple made moving between tabs in Safari just like moving between apps on your iPhone, but they're pretty close to each other on the screen 4. Use an App to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android. There's a free app called My Contacts Backup that lets you export contacts from your iPhone and import them on your Android device. You can use this app to create a file containing all your contacts, then email this file to your Android device Install iTunes: Download the latest version from the iTunes page on Apple's site.; Keep iTunes up-to-date: Ensure the latest version of iTunes is installed on your computer before plugging in your iPhone.To manually check for updates on a Mac, select the Apple menu, then choose App Store. On a PC, select Help > Check for Updates.Once iTunes is up-to-date, close the program Part 1. Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone with iTunes. The first way, also the official one as detailed by Apple, is through the use of iTunes. iTunes is Apple's desktop software that allows users to created iOS backups, restore backups, sync media data between the computer and iOS devices, etc

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  1. iOS will assign a name to the folder depending on what apps you've put in it. To change the name, long-press on the folder, and select Rename from the pop-up menu. Then type in the new name
  2. iOS users can use their phone or a PC to transfer contacts When using gmail method, make sure to use the same account on Android Some steps might vary depending on your OS versio
  3. In addition to transferring music from iPod, you can also use it to move pictures, videos and more between iOS devices and computer. Key Features of MobiKin Assistant for iOS: - Move up to 14 types of data from iPod/iPad/iPhone to computer easily, including music, videos, pictures, eBooks, contacts, SMS, notes, Safari Bookmarks, voice memos.

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  1. Here are several other methods that users can use to how they can transfer or either backup WhatsApp between iPhone and another iPhone without using the iCloud application. Aside from the methods mentioned earlier such as using the FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer Tool, here are the following methods in which users can use in transferring WhatsApp.
  2. Here's how to set up and use Focus in iOS 15. 1. Open Settings and tap Focus You can find it under Settings. WhatsApp chat history can now move between iOS and Android
  3. In the cisco networking environment, TFTP is used to backup Cisco IOS (Operating System) image file, configuration file, and IOS upgrade. We know that every protocol has its unique port number. TRIVIAL FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL is implemented on the top of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and its standard port number is 69
  4. You always could use tags in Apple Notes, but now it's as if the app pays attention, and is going to be so much useful in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, that tagging will become a habit

  1. Transfer Content to Computer. If you transfer your iOS contents to computer, you will have a copy of your information to use in case your device is ever replaced, lost and damaged. AnyTrans enables you to transfer all iOS contents to computer with 1-click solution. Please refer to the following guide to make good use of AnyTrans
  2. Here's how to download pictures from iPhone to computer: Download Documents and launch the app. Open the Photo Albums folder. At the top of the screen, tap View and transfer photos to desktop. On your computer, open a browser and go to https://docstransfer.com. Enter the code you see in Documents on your iOS device
  3. For the purpose of this guide, we'll use Google Chrome to demonstrate the file transferring process between Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Feel free to use your browser of choice. Note: The two browsers between which you are trying to transfer files need not be the same. Related: How to Transfer Files From Android to P
  4. Apple has done a remarkable job with its Weather app in adding Dark Sky data, yet still keeping the app simple and clear to use, in iOS 15. Here's how good the new Weather app in iOS 15 is — you.
  5. Connecting using the OTG cable ensures that data can be transferred. Step 4: Install WhatsApp on your iPhone and set up your account to which data has to be moved. Step 5: You can select all data you want to move from Android to iOS. You can select messages, images, videos, etc. Step 6: Once the app establishes the connection, you will be able.
  6. g easier to access all of these systems - you might use iCloud with Windows, and can also turn to Google Drive with Windows, Mac and iOS systems, as well as Android.

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Let's set it up from scratch and use Smart Lists in Reminders app on iPhone. Following the iOS 15 update, whenever you try to create a list in the Reminders app, it will ask you to convert the list into a Smart list. Let's make one and explore pre-defined conditions. First, make sure that your iPhone is running iOS 15 or higher One of the handy new features arriving with iOS 15 is the option to quickly recognize text and select, copy, paste, lookup, and more in both the Camera and Photos app. Let's looks at how iPhone. How to use Health Sharing in iOS 15 From iOS 15 onwards, you can elect to share your Health data with anyone you choose — and also choose just what they get to see. Apple Student Discoun

Thankfully, if you're moving from an iOS device to an Android one, it's easy to have your contacts moved. Here are four ways to do it. Also Read. How to transfer contacts from Android to iOS. 1. Using Google account. Since you are moving to an Android device, it's almost a given you'll be using a Google account. Login to your Google. Add Google Photos Memories Widget to Home Screen on iOS. 1. Press and hold the home screen of your iPhone and tap on the '+' icon that appears at the top-left corner of the screen to access the widget picker.. 2. Scroll down until you find the Google Photos widget or use the search bar to locate the widget Double click on the download button above and follow the instructions to free install and run this WhatsApp Transfer on your computer. Open this WhatsApp transfer and select the WhatsApp Transfer feature. Step2. Select the Device-to-device Transfer option to transfer WhatsApp chats from old phone to new Android. Step3 Most file types are supported with up to 13 different types that are compatible with the iOS to Android transfer. Using advanced data analysis technology, MobileTrans makes the file transfer. How to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to iPhone With iCloud . The easiest methods to transfer contacts use features that come with the iPhone, such as iCloud. Since iCloud can keep data synchronized across all your devices, using it to sync contacts from iPhone to iPhone makes it an easy choice

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